Safety & Health is Good Business

Safety is always Gregg’s number one priority. Employees receive safety training and personal protection equipment before they are sent to the job site. Gregg Industrial Insulators, Inc. was the first recognized industrial insulation contractor in the nation to be admitted to the prestigious OSHA Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) and its dedication to providing a safe work environment has remained resolute. The company’s Experience Modifier Rate and Incident Rate continually register below accepted standards set forth by the industry.


All employees receive first-rate safety training and personal protection equipment before they are sent to the job site and Gregg’s company-wide incentive safety program rewards employees who maintain an outstanding record devoid of accidents or injuries. Gregg’s motto “THINK SAFETY” also serves as a constant reminder to follow safe work practices and appears on all fleet vehicles and equipment.


Following Safe Work Practices Is Imperative


Gregg employees and processes are regularly audited to ensure compliance to safe work practices.

Employees are trained as listed below:
Newly hired employees:

• Lockout Tagout
• Personal Protective Equipment
• Housekeeping
• Fire Protection
• First Aid Facilities
• Emergency Procedures
• Confined Space Entry
• Scaffold Builder / User
• Respiratory Protection
• Occupational Noise Exposure
• Ladder Safety
• Asbestos Awareness
• Sexual Harassment / Diversity
• Hazard Communication (Hazcom)
• Lead Awareness
• Personal Fall Protection

As required by job position or customer requirements:

• Association of Reciprocal Safety Councils/Basic Plus
• Scaffold Competent Person
• Suspension Scaffold Safety
• Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)
• Powered Industrial Trucks
• Aerial Manlift Safety
• Safe Hoisting and Rigging Practices
• Occupational Driving Safety
• Powder Actuated Tool Safety
• High Pressure Steam / Water Blasting Safety
• Tractor Mower and Lawn Care Equipment Safety
• DOT Haz-Mat Training
• OSHA 10 Hour & 30 Hour Construction Safety
• Medic First Aid and/ CPR
• SafeLandUSA

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