Gregg knows that by providing customers with innovative solutions that it will continue to build and ensure long-term relationships. Gregg is proud to offer several innovations, two of which are detailed below
Aspen Aerogels™

Cryogel® and Pyrogel® Aspen Aerogels® Insulators are high efficiency insulators that offer superior insulating properties when compared to traditional insulators like expanded Perlite, calcium silicate, and fiberglass. Advantages include: damage and fire resistant, hydrophobic, ease of installation, thermally stable, and superior insulation properties. The insulation properties result in significant thickness reductions of the material when compared to traditional insulators. Pyrogel® is typically 2 – 5 times thinner than competing products and Cryogel® is ½ to ¾ the thickness of competing products. These thickness reductions significantly reduce material bulk making these products much easier to install and making it possible to add insulation into areas where other products won’t fit. Gregg promotes the use of these superior insulators in alliance with Arrowhead, an authorized distributor of Aspen Aerogels® products. To find out more, click on the link at right.

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PlusEight® System Scaffolding

PlusEight® System Scaffolding is the industry leader in safety and efficiency in scaffold systems. The PlusEight® System Scaffolding is easier to assemble, to dismantle, and offers unsurpassed safety features compared to others.

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