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Heat Tracing

Highly Recommended by Its Clients

Gregg uses Thermon, a world leader in heat tracing systems design and materials to supply system designs and turnkey installations of heat trace systems nationwide. For over 25 years Gregg’s trained professionals have provided and installed quality Thermon products for clients.    


  Heat Tracing Services (Electric and Steam):

Gregg is an authorized distributor, supplier, and manufacturer’s representative for Thermon Electrical and Steam tracing products in Northeast Texas.  Gregg’s trained professionals are able to  supply complete system designs and do turn-key installation of heat trace systems nationwide.

Some specific system installations that Gregg provides:

• Self-regulating heating cables

• Power-limiting heating cables

• Parallel constant heating cables

• Series resistance heating cables

• Skin effect heating systems

• Turnkey electric trace systems

• Turnkey steam trace systems

• Provide engineered drawings

• Pipe, vessel, and tank heating solutions

• Electric traced pre-insulated tubing

• Steam traced pre-insulated tubing